Swiss tech innovation, culture and cycles - WHAT IT IS AND WHY IT MATTERS



The only constant term is change. This is more than ever the time where organizations face volatility, disruption, and uncertainty. Challenges become more ambiguous and complex. Leaders face unprecedented technological and cultural transformation, being under pressure to deliver. Innovative power is a decisive factor facing enhanced market competition, especially for SMEs. Actively shape your future succes by ensuring that your company is living up to their full innovation potential. 



Transformational innovative leadership is a management philosophy inspiring your teams to innovate and develop new ways to adapt, reflect, grow, generating quick wins. A problem can be solved being perceived from a new perspective. We enable you to consciously use your own resources, strengthen resilience, innovate and ground yourself. 


Our Design Innovation workshops work integrated into a larger forum. We lead highly engaging workshops onsite in person and virtually. Start reinventing and innovating today.



LEARNING OBJECTIVES INNOVATION SEMINAR TRAINING WORKSHOP Zürich, zug, bern, basel, luzern, st. Gallen Switzerland

  • Why innovation - Understanding the core pillars of innovation
  • Technology, culture mindset and how to reduce complexity
  • Looking from different perspectives makes a difference
  • Incentives and expectation versus business case
  • Use cases and success stories 
  • Continous innovation loops - how to continously innovate

Sessions can be booked in the format lecturing course, training, interactive workshop, in English, German or French.

Masterclass and CAS courses can be booked in cooperation with leading University of Applied Sciences Kalaidos, Technical University Cologne and MBS University Kempten.