ABOUT katrin J. yuan as a speaker

encouraging more female diverse speakers on stage


Katrin is an award-winning executive leader and Board member with experience in technology consulting, general management, business strategy, and transformation. She holds an MBA, multiple post-graduate certifications in business and IT and speaks six languages. 


Katrin is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Technology Cologne, Swiss Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences and Chair of the CdE Mensa Mind Academy Executive Council. As an influential speaker at corporate and industry conferences, she encourages digital innovation, creativity and a data-driven approach


  • Brilliant speakers are connected, connected to themselves as well as connected to those they speak to.
  • A professional speaker knows how to inform, persuade, and engage with the audience as an entertainer and storyteller.
  • A great public speaker attains the power to motivate the audience and take you on a journey with a lasting impression. 



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Sessions can be booked in the format of a speech, interactive workshop, panel discussion and lecturing in English, German or French.