linkedin algorithm, using AI and the tech side of visibility

why Ai helps you in growing your VISIBILITY and personal branding - LInkedin training for executives


  • How the linkedIn algorithm works, implications for you and how you make the algorithm fall in love with you
  • Most people approach visbility from a Marketing perspective, whereas the AI tech side of visbility is at least as much relevant, if not more
  • What you see is what you get. People perceive visibility to equal credibility. What are the tech components to set up an ideal profile and how does AI help to maximize value on an individual and on a business level
  • How can you technically define, search, find and relate to core parameters to derive maximum value 
  • How to define, monitor and pimp the profile, posts and data analytics as core ingredients 


CAN BE COMBINED WITH: monitize your growing network and market value with personal branding - WHY IT MATTERS AND HOW you SUCCEED

In a world of growing competition, exchangeable products and services, there is one thing that stands out, especially in people business: YOU.


Personal Branding is all about your unique visibility, the skills, expertise and values you stand for, and what people associate you with. Personal branding enables you to position yourself as an expert, thought leader and influencer in your field. Visibility can serve you, enabling you to attract clients, career opportunities, promotions and opportunities you never thought of.


Women in particular, are statistically less visible. Two often said phrases are: "Who wants to hear what I say?" Yet women need to become visible, not only for themselves but also to inspire other women as role models. The second is "Personal branding is only for braggers." It is the opposite, professional personal branding is authentic with the content you stand for. Be aware people talk about you when you are not in the room. This is the spot where you can influence it or leave it to the others.


Imagine you were a product. What is your value proposition? Today with 60,000 view reach and a growing community, clients find their way to me because they have seen or heard about me. Personal branding is a strong tool that paves your way to the top.  




  • How the linkedIn algorithm is set up
  • The AI tech side of visbility, how it works and why it matters
  • Practical examples how data analytics works for you
  • How to technically set up an ideal profile to maximize value


  • Identify unique skills and expertise you stand for
  • How to deal with vulnerabilities and risks
  • Bridging dots into a unified storyline
  • Define and present your value proposition
  • How to set up contacts to media landscape
  • Corporate Employer Branding movies and Personal Branding short films can be booked additionally, shot by professional Swiss film producers

Sessions can be booked in the format lecturing course, training, interactive workshop, in English, German or French.

Interactive roleplay, 360 degree feedback and video analysis can be booked - we learn, focus and grow together in a playful approach.